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Guidelines for nearly zero energy neighborhoods

Energy efficiency is the key to facilitating integration of energy optimised individual buildings into an intelligent energy network. The major goal of this guideline database is to facilitate the upcoming “nearly zero energy” standard requested by the EU for 2050 for the building stock, by means of knowledge of already available and implemented best practice standards, which sometimes even exceed these goals.
It can also act like a supporting tool to assist in finding and comparing already available and affordable best practice retrofit solutions for buildings.

All this is done with a special focus on refurbishment. It can be seen as a helping resource for the implementation of already available innovative systems including environmentally-friendly building components, the latest HVAC technologies and low energy consuming devices.


Come and have look at the next level of
energy efficient refurbishment
in the cities of Europe!


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SINFONIA demonstrates the deployment of large-scale, integrated and scalable energy solutions in mid-sized European cities in view of fostering the uptake of smart energy efficient solutions Europe-wide.


This site is maintained by the Passive House Institute - Department Innsbruck. The PHI has assumed a leading position with regard to research on and development of construction concepts, building components, planning tools and quality assurance for highly energy efficient buildings.





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